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We are proud to present our branding services for businesses seeking to appeal to Muslim consumers. In 2015, Muslims represented 1.8 billion (roughly 24%) of global population. This market provides a source of huge potential for brands.

We Create Branding Suitable For Muslim Consumers.

Our aim is to fuse Islamic practices for the marketers especially in offering the products to the Muslim Ummah. To achieve this, we approached various Islamic scholars and deeply researched two important questions –

  1. how does the Shari’a-compliant attribute contribute to build the Identity of Islamic brands? and
  2. how does this help to influence in the development of brand’s image and reputation?

The universal values promoted by Shariah principles namely trustworthiness, honesty, certainty, fairness and transparency leverages the essence of Islamic brands. These attributes are unique for Islamic brands which positively influence customers’ perceptions on the credibility and benevolence of the brand upholding its identity.

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Whether you are in control of an established company, starting up a new one, or have responsibility for a brand in an Islamic country looking for progress, Halal Branding is an essential destination where the team will aid in constructing, improvising and enabling a secure brand identity whilst creating value for your company that has global appeal yet based on Islamic principles.

Based on studies and research indicates, Muslims aggressively seeking Islamic brands as non-Muslim (or Western) brands are often not compliant with Islamic values and hence do not support the consumers with their lifestyle. Often times it so happens that due to improper branding and improper education of the Islamic background, companies are unable to market their products which suffer badly when introduced in Islamic countries.

Not all Islamic countries have 100% Muslim population and for a relatively new company trying to find ground in such markets is difficult, strenuous and anxiety based. However, with Halal Brand Studio and its team of experts and consultants, who are pioneers in the field of Islamic marketing and branding, you can develop and manage your brands specifically tailored for the rapidly rising Islamic market. At Halal Brand Studio we believe in applying the principles of both Islam and Sharia accurately to your brand to garner undisputed anchorage in the market.

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