Islamic Branding can take your brand from local to global

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Islamic Branding can take your Brand from Local to Global

The global Muslim market in 2015 was 1.8 billion i.e.  approximately 24 percent of the world’s population. If we compare it with the population of a country, it’s much greater than the population of India or China for instance. There are expected to be 2.2 billion Muslims in 2030 that will make up 26.4 percent of the world’s total projected population of 8.3 billion.

muslim market perspective pie chart

Businesses all over the world currently compete for the markets of China and India, but only a few have realized that the global Muslim market represents potentially larger opportunities. If a product or service is realigned to suit the definition of Halal, anyone can get their business to 24% of the worldwide population, helping you take your business global.

But, the Halal industry is a big and serious business. Unfortunately, there is still a persistent misconception of Halal being merely a reference to what Muslims are allowed to eat. However, Halal is more than just that. Halal is a way of life. Halal refers to things or actions that are in compliance with the Shariah or Islamic law. In other words, it gives Muslims the guidance in determining which products or services fulfill Islamic laws and norms to maintain the preferred and permissible lifestyle.

Halal can be called as coherent parameter designed for health, safety and human well-being. With a set of practices, it offers Muslims navigation regarding different themes such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, logistics, clothing, finance, hospitality and banking. Branding Agencies like Halal Brand Studios put a lot of efforts into understanding Halal completely in order to have a thorough information of the Muslim consumer’s needs and preferences. And not all Muslims are same. The perception of the Muslim consumers changes from region to region and from generation to generation.

muslim market perspective pie chart

Today’s young Muslim consumers are open to positive change and innovation just like consumers everywhere around the world. If you feel you have a business that provides services or has products that can appeal to Muslim consumers, we can help you. Visit or contact us on for a free consultation.

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