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About Halal Brand Studios

Halal Brand Studios is an Islamic Branding Agency founded to link the gap between the organisations’ requirement to get proper guidance and services in Islamic branding. In reality, you may find only a few agencies around the world who provide intensive studies to apply genuine Islamic laws to businesses and integrating the laws to create a strong brand that are positioned firmly on the beliefs and teachings of Islam and not otherwise.

Exclusive Level of Service

Halal Brand Studios is proud to be associated with scholars and experts in Islamic branding, providing exclusive consultations for our clients to create reliable, trustworthy brands.

At Halal Brand Studios, we will be offering our best services to deliver the optimum level of Shariah compliance that your brand rightfully deserves. Thereby, associating your brand with the goodwill and trust, which the Muslim consumers can relate to on a global scale.

What is HBS Concept?

The practice of Islam under the Shariah law has for centuries been the basis of Islamic trade and business and there are well established standards and rules to ensure that Muslims abide by them.

Any Muslim who wishes to purchase and consume the use of any products or services are halal, an Arabic term meaning permissible which refers to anything that is rightful and permissible under the rules of Islam. However, the term is most frequently utilised for food products and not considered for consumer items.

The opposite of this term is haram which means non-permissible and by Islamic laws the use of haram articles and concepts are strictly prohibited.

Halal Branding Concepts believes that halal products and brands can be developed by applying Islam and Shariah rules and guidelines, creating better brands for global consumers that imbibe the moral values of Islam.

We at Halal Brand Studios strongly endorse the ideologies of Islam and develop halal brands that confirms to the beliefs, ideologies and laws of Islam.

We are of the opinion, that Muslim countries need to take advantage of building stronger brands in both public and private sectors and reap the benefit of brand building, achieving global success. The sky is the limit when applying the laws of Shariah and Islam while developing your brands and products.

If you are interested in a consultation for your product or brand, we are here to help.

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