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Project Description

Zahra Jewellers


Zahra is an upcoming jewellery store and the owners wanted to create a brand that is Shariah compliant. The brief also stated that the brand should reflect the strong personality of the owners and their business without having to try hard.

We decided to use royal blue as the predominant colour for this brand. According to Islamic colour principles the dark blue is the colour of the universe in general and it symbolises power and tenderness giving the brand a character of empathy and caring for their customers. The font is white in colour which also symbolises caring with the additional characteristic of purity that their product represents. The main logo had to be gold to clearly state that the company is chiefly a gold merchant.

The ’Z’ of Zahra constitutes a gold flower that creates a visual treat also helping the brand to remembered by the clever use of letter to represent a designer ring face. The entire brand scheme is carried forward to its packaging, brochures, advertising billboards and their stationary.

The brand development when implemented brought about a sense of luxury and belonging. The packaging promoted a sense of ownership and pride among customers as stated in their feedback. Business increased at a rate of 12% in the first month of the implementing the brand identity.

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