Let me start with why I am so eager to change the Halal mark. I am a creative brand consultant and the owner of three branding agencies. I also chose to study and research Islamic branding as a specialized skill for 2 years. Now I have begun to visualise businesses run by Muslim entrepreneurs with a slightly different perspective. And I believe that with the right alterations in marketing strategies and branding identity these businesses can be promoted more efficiently.

During my trip to Singapore in December 2016, I visited a supermarket in the country that has positioned itself as a marketplace selling only certified Halal products. The experience that I had in this store was quite different from other stores, maybe because I was just seeing Halal certified products on the display. But then, I already knew that all the products that I will be seeing there were supposed to be Halal approved. Surprisingly I also saw Coca-Cola, Colgate and other global FMCG products that I never though would have been Halal. I noticed that they didn’t have any marking on the packaging face (the front portion) that will help any buyer identify them as a Halal certified product. On Coca-Cola I found a mark at the back, which was different and printed in black.

So I guess in this scenario the buyer needs to trust the Halal supermarket for keeping only certified Halal products. But in a Non-Halal Supermarket, I think it must be a considerably difficult task to search for a Halal product as none of those products have a mark that is uniform and can be easily recognised or identified from a distance.

Since Halal products are now gaining attention from Non-Muslim consumers too (mainly due to the strict quality standard policies) it’s important that the organisation(s) governing Halal certifications and approvals, standardise the symbol for Halal as well as it’s placement on the product throughout the globe. With this, the Halal products will be much easier to identify from an array of product on any supermarket rack. This will increase visibility of the products thus resulting in higher sales and profits.

Standardise the symbol for Halal and it’s placement on the product throughout the globe.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with me or do you disagree? I would really like to know your reactions.

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