This Is Why Islamic Branding Can Be Good For Your Business

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This Is Why Islamic Branding Can Be Good For Your Business

Halal Branding (Islamic Branding) is the new ‘growth opportunity’ for brands. There is a persistent misconception of Halal being merely a reference to what Muslims are allowed to eat. However, Halal is more than just that. Halal is a way of life. Halal refers to things or actions that are in compliance with the Shariah or Islamic law. In other words, it gives Muslims the guidance in determining which products or services fulfill Islamic laws and norms to maintain the preferred and permissible lifestyle.

Islamic branding is a way of building brands applicable to the Muslim consumer. It doesn’t just refer to brands that originate from Islamic countries, but also to any brands that are seeking to address the needs of Muslim markets.

We are referring to any activity related to the branding and marketing of countries, products and services to Muslim consumers, regardless of whether they reside in Muslim majority, Muslim minority countries or have Muslim ownership. Non-Muslim brands would also come under this criteria if they were looking to build their brands and market share in any Muslim majority or minority market. Indeed, several brands that are meeting the needs of global Muslim audiences currently are from non-Muslim, often Western, companies.

muslim market perspective pie chart

From a market perspective it is always good to give consumers what they really want, and it would be incorrect to think that Islam as a religion does not influence the needs and wants of its followers. We understand the main markets we normally deal with, but Muslim markets have never been properly addressed either in Muslim majority or minority countries. The opening of Muslim markets and the rise in immigration of Muslims to Western countries as significant and growing minorities means that their needs can no longer be ignored.

To build an Islamic Brand or Halal Brand, Sharia compliance in itself is not differentiating. Brand choice requires emotional cues as well. And, at every level, the competition is against “foreign” brands – which means beating their emotional preference: because compliance, ultimately, is a generic benefit.

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