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Who Can Use Islamic Branding?

As businesses are currently challenging each other for the markets of China and India, only an occasional few have realised the potential opportunities of the global Muslim market. Now, Islamic Branding is a comparatively new concept but an open concept for all to take advantage of.

Islamic Branding practice teaches numerous principles for the global businesses to maintain their standing and existence in the world today. It is of paramount importance to inculcate moral policies like trustworthiness, reverence, accountability, and empathy in the business today where deceit and apathy are predominant. This is where Islamic branding can help you change the way you conduct your business and achieve profits from a more moral ground. Having said that, Islamic Branding is not limited to industries who are Islamic, or want to be Islamic and can be applied by all.

Islamic Branding is foremost important for those who believe in Islamic teachings and essentially want to implement and practice these teachings in their businesses and offer better services for Muslims consumers and others the world over.

Providing a fresh perspective in the business environment where businesses are suffering due to the ill causes of doubt in the minds of consumers and associates due to irresponsibility, credibility, and wariness.

Islamic branding hence can become the torch bearer leading the way to new business ideals with stronger foundation and create an ideal corporate environment for both Muslim and non-Muslim worlds.

Who Should Apply Islamic Branding and its Benefits?

Islamic countries should be concerned with branding whether they are a public or private sector. Just like the companies the world over Islamic companies need to attract various customer groups and must market and sell their products, ideas, and services to people in other countries.

By way of response Islamic audiences love western brands but there are few reason they wish to have their own.

Ethical Base

Western brands are often not compliant with Islamic values (for their ethical base). For instance, in the hospitality, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical products and service industry

Own Global Brands

Islamic countries want to create their own global brands, which they see as a strategic business asset and national brand ambassadors

Long Establishment

The growth of the educated middle class in Muslim minority and majority cultures and countries has created an impetus for developing businesses, products and services that are competitive with the long established and accepted brands.

A consequence of the above there is now a considerable surge in demand within Islamic countries and companies to master the branding and marketing techniques and skills so ably demonstrated by the West in order to address international perceptions not just of Islamic products, services and businesses but also of the countries and cultures of their origin.

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